David Seide

Architectural Photography by David Seide



201 W Huron St Unit G

Buffalo, NY 14201

Born and raised in Lewiston, New York, a small town thirty minutes north of Buffalo, David received a degree in Architecture from the University of Illinois in 1989, and has since integrated his education with one of his passions–photography.

As a photographer, he considers himself to be primarily self taught; although he's taken countless workshops and seminars. Having worked throughout the country, his experience includes nearly two decades as Assistant, Associate and Staff Photographer.

In 2000, he opened his own architectural photography studio in Chicago, aptly named Defined Space.

In addition to architects and designers, his clients include manufacturers and contractors, PR and marketing firms, as well as artists and publications. His work has been featured on book and magazines covers, brochures and web sites and design competitions worldwide.


At Defined Space Inc., we create distinct images of architecture that capture our clients' conceptual designs while evoking a feeling and sense of place. Instead of mere static documentation, these images engage the viewer, inspiring them to visit, occupy, purchase, or otherwise experience it. Ultimately, our images have the ability to stand on their own, both conceptually and aesthetically.